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Goals for 2010 – Happy New Year Everyone.

My friend Marcos Avellan from Team FFA in Miami send a newsletter out where he released 12 goals for 2010. Here are his goals: Fight and Win 3 MMA fights Release two unique instructional DVD sets (one MMA instructional and another business instructional) Reach 200 students in my new Davie gym Start an After-School Program […]

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Bucket List – A Super Important List of Goals…- PART 1

Ok now that we are done watching this emotional movie trailer…lets get talking about some serious stuff. Not too long ago we spoke about goals in Goals For Athletes (https://bjjengineer.com?p=328)> You definitely need to read this. Anyways one thing that we discuss was the importance of writing your goals daily to embed them in our […]

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The Grappling Phenomenon: Behavioral Congruency and Achieving Your Goals.

This article will summarize a great gift from Master Lloyd Irvin. Before hand let me tell you that I felt really, really, really STUPID for not having listen to his FREE, yes I said FREE…Read More!

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