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Lloyd Irvin’s Long Lost Fight- Vintage / Old School Match

Here is one of Lloyd “The King of Leglocks” Irvin’s long lost EARLY fights. The year is 1997 and Lloyd was just a blue belt. This was the time when people chanted “jiu-jitsu, jiu-jitsu, jiu-jitsu” when a jiu-jitsu fighter won a match. This was also the time when Lloyd was tapping people in MMA with […]

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The Grappling Phenomenon: Behavioral Congruency and Achieving Your Goals.

This article will summarize a great gift from Master Lloyd Irvin. Before hand let me tell you that I felt really, really, really STUPID for not having listen to his FREE, yes I said FREE…Read More!

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The Journey Of A Champion: Master Lloyd Irvin (A Mini Documentary)

Master Lloyd Irvin (Journey of a Champion)by teamlloydirvinkids For more visit: http://thejourneyofachampion.com/

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