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Goals for 2010 – Happy New Year Everyone.

My friend Marcos Avellan from Team FFA in Miami send a newsletter out where he released 12 goals for 2010. Here are his goals:

  1. Fight and Win 3 MMA fights
  2. Release two unique instructional DVD sets (one MMA instructional and another business instructional)
  3. Reach 200 students in my new Davie gym
  4. Start an After-School Program in my Miami gym and establish at least 30 kids
  5. Coach three fighters in the UFC, WEC, or Strikeforce under the FFA flag.
  6. Set up at least 20 fights for my team this year and finish with at least 18 wins (we did this in 2007)
  7. Promote a new black belt, two new brown belts, five new purple belts, and ten new blue belts.
  8. Write a book
  9. Release an audio CD
  10. Get 50 paying members for my new online MMA video site
  11. Get four new members to my exclusive Masters Club
  12. Graduate 20 new students into our Instructor Program

At the end of this year I will come back to this list and see how well he did. I decided to make this more exciting and put more challenging goals out there:

  1. Fight and Win 1 MMA fights, and receive 3 International BJJ Medals
  2. Release three unique instructional DVD sets
  3. Reach 350-400 students at my school in Naples
  4. Start an After-School Program in my Naples gym and establish at least 15  kids ( he got me on that one lol )
  5. Bring Home 3 International Medals from my students
  6. Visit Lloyd Irvin to train 12 times this year and travel 3 times to Brazil
  7. Become European, Panamerican, World Champion and Brasilero Champion.
  8. Write a book
  9. Release 2 audio CDs
  10. Get 51 paying members for my new online BJJ video site
  11. Double the gym space of my school
  12. Start my instructors program and double the number of instructors at the school

Ok so its kind of hard to keep this similar since there are somethings that we both are shooting for that are a bit different, but I thought I kept it competitive.  I am going to publicly make it more exciting by putting a:

$1000 Dollar Challenge

Now let me tell you a little secret about Marcos…He has way more resources than me and should be able to kick my butt easily in this contest, but I am putting the money anyways..Why? Because the way I see it is:

  • If he gets all this done more than me… I will be happy for him and I should get him a gift
  • If I beat him he should be embarrassed and pay me  😉 JK
  • $1000 dollars is only $83.33 dollars a month, that will serve as the best reminder ever

We will both benefit. Whether he PUBLICLY accepts my challenge or not I will still do it. The rules are :

Rules: Who ever achieves more goals out of the 12, wins. VIDEO PROOF MUST BE PROVIDED

Now how about you guys FOLLOW along with me in this awesome journey and write down your goals!

You can add more goals along the way, but go ahead and  send a comment  with 5 goals you have for 2010.  Why ? Couldn’t you just write them down in a personal journal?  First of all, by commenting them in here, you are writing it down, which is a form of commitment… and second, by declaring this publicly to me, you are definitely committing yourself even more!  By talking the talk, now you will have a pressure to back it up!( Marcos I know I copied that paragraph but it sounded good 😉 ) Look what I learned from Marcos today:

“Famous inventor Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb) was known to make public press releases on new great inventions before they were invented!  For instance, if he thought of a new gizmo, he would announce that the gizmo will be released any day now… and THEN would begin trying to design the gizmo!  He would do these public announcements to put himself on the spot so that he would have no choice but to deliver on his word.” -Marcos Avellan wrote on an email
Let’s see who is serious and who is a CHICKEN. Send a comment with five or more goals on here and we’ll move on to the second step together, which is the planning stage.
Let’s make 2010 the year that lay the foundation for the rest of our lives. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Roberto Torralbas
The BJJ Engineer

11 Responses to “Goals for 2010 – Happy New Year Everyone.”

  1. coach Kevin says:

    In the late 1800s a man ran for mayor and lost. He then ran for govenor and lost. He then ran for senator and lost. He then ran for vice president and lost. His name…ABRAHAM LINCOLN!

  2. AWESOME! 🙂 Let’s do this, challenge accepted! Nice job Coach Roberto, I’m proud of you, I’m sure you are going to give me a great run at this and this will be a war.

    –Master Marcos Avellan

  3. coach Kevin says:

    GI vs nogi?

  4. Sam Beckwith says:

    1. To train my body into world-class physical condition.
    2. To train my mind to a peak state of awareness, absorbtion,and performance.
    3. To eliminate the negative factors in my life that prevent me from achieving my goals.
    4. To compete in and win a bjj tournament.
    5. To achieve blue-belt promotion in one year.
    6. To add kick-boxing to my training.

  5. Lloyd Irvin says:

    nice guysnice guys

  6. Thanks Master Lloyd…

  7. Sam here are my suggestions:

    1-) Join Kickboxing now…don’t wait any day longer
    2-) Let’s do the WBCT this January talk to joey
    3-) Come with me to do a Goals Meeting so we can together plan to help you achieve the other goals. We will track your progress every 2 months

  8. josh says:

    thomas edison did not invent the lightbulb. but instead invented the first commercially practical incandescent light.

    happy new year folks

  9. josh says:

    oh yeah…

    1 go to the gym regularly.
    2 go to bjj three times a week
    3 avoid sugar at all costs!
    4 write down all the techniques I learn in class

    2010 baby the future is NOW

  10. Kim Rivers says:

    1) Compete in the Pan Ams, Worlds, and US Nationals.
    2) Train in Brazil at least once.
    3) Become good enough at kickboxing to actually start sparring.
    4) Earn a blue belt by the end of the year.
    5) Can’t think of a fifth goal yet…any suggestions?