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26 Tips for Successful Teaching- But he is only a BLUE BELT. The truth about TEACHING!


When I started my school I was a purple belt. , about 1 year old purple belt with some championships under my belt.  Nevertheless I had many  that resisted learning from me because I was not a “BLACK BELT”.  Now and days I am a brown belt with higher credentials as a teacher and athlete  than most black belts in the country, and now and again I still hear the nonsense but he  not a “BLACK BELT”. I don’t say this to brag but to illustrate how clueless people can be about the topic at hand.  Nevertheless that did not stop me from believing in the encouragement my instructors gave me( Example 1-):Julius Park mentor and instructor  successfully has built and empire at Crazy 88 BJJ in Baltimore, MD a school he started also as a purple belt. Example 2-) Mentor and instructor Lloyd Irvin started his school as a blue belt and if you havent heard of him you probably living under a rock 😉 ).

How did I deal with this annoyance?

I COULD CARE LESS. I went on building my White Belts and eventually they became White Belt Champions , then Blue Belts and Blue Belts Champions, Blue Belt International Champions and now school Coaches. I am also very proud to say I have an amazing coaches. The truth of the matter is:

Smart Followers follows Smart Leaders to become Smart Leaders one day themselves

Now that I have Blue Belt Coaches and work close with them to make them the best coaches in the world I decided to write about all the things a Blue Belt Coach can do to make better students than a Black Belt instructor. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Blue Belt Coach  must have a desire for improving his technique day in and day out and lead by example. He mus train twice as hard as his students, have determination of gold, maturity, humility, and pass on unselfishly everything he learns without exception and believe that it’s all a TEAM EFFORT.

Instructors and Coaches Bible ( A method use by 25 Tips for Successful Teaching

  1. Remember everyone name
  2. Call fellow Instructors Coach.
  3. Address your students as sir  or mam.if they come up to you and say hey,  correct them nicely : “No sir its Coach _____”.
  4. When the student is doing good in class call them by their last name.
  5. Proper match-ups in grappling matches
  6. Identify everybody in class
  7. If there is any problem with a student pulling aside and fix the problem.(I’m here to help you)
  8. Remember school founded to help everybody improve
  9. Do not leave a mess after, clean the school, so its clean when you start.
  10. Say “Ouss” after every technique and get the students pumped for drilling
  11. On top of that  say : “All right guys on 3. One, Two, Three Clap.  This  gets the students more involved in the class and pumped for training.
  12. Other techniques: “When I say GOT IT you say GOT IT and I say  GOOD!  GOT IT! GOT IT! GOOD.”Another way to get them more involved.
  13. Be “Exciting” on the beginning of CLASS. “Today I will teach the best class of my life”
  14. A.B.P ( Always Be Promoting) the news at school (competition results, events).Tell students about announcements in the school in the beginning of every class.
  15. Be friendly!
  16. Are you asking the students questions, keep them awake keep them engaged. Ask question around class to make sure they are paying attention to the details of the technique.
  17. When someone asks you how is your day  say : “I am having a fantastic day!” Always remain enthusiastic, positive because it rubs off on your students and pre-frames a great class. Awesome day never a bad day or a long day.
  18. No cursing
  19. Beware of non verbal communication :Words are 7% ,Tone of voice is 38% , Body language is 55% of how humans communicate. Therefore Smile  A LOT!
  20. Facial expressions are most important
  21. Use hand motions. i.e “tom Cruise in a Few Good Men”
  22. When explaining technique give a history. This is my favorite technique, or i used this technique when I ____.
  23. SPOTLIGHT.Pick a student and say “everybody stop and watch______. he/she is doing this perfect.  give them a 123 clap. Make sure to give honest PRAISE.
  24. Don’t ever praise falsely. Your word is everything to your students.
  25. Incorporate games with class

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