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Keenan Vs Cyborg- Diving Backtake Against Helicopter Sweep

Keenan Vs Cyborg Diving Backtake against Helicopter Sweep

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Being Too Comfortable – For Serious Competitors Only

Today I want to write about a theme in many boxing movies. The best boxer in the world who came out of the the worst part of town and now is comfortable in his new mansion. He doesn’t run to the gym any longer, now he drives his Bentley. He doesn’t sleep in the same […]

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A Lesson in Perseverance – 3 Feet from Gold

In a previous article It is not all about jiu-jitsu ( I talked a little bit about the importance of not giving up. There is a book out there that I really recommend everyone to read it. It is a masterpiece. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Reach” teaches you what is necessary to become a […]

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Dying FIre

Are You Losing Your Competitive Fire?

Here is a quick chart I did to see how the intensity of my training, standards, and competitive drive has increased through out the years.  Check it out: It is my opinion that the better we get at BJJ the more we should compete …and not the other way around. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be […]

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26 Tips for Successful Teaching- But he is only a BLUE BELT. The truth about TEACHING!

  When I started my school I was a purple belt. , about 1 year old purple belt with some championships under my belt.  Nevertheless I had many  that resisted learning from me because I was not a “BLACK BELT”.  Now and days I am a brown belt with higher credentials as a teacher and […]

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Can You Improve Without an Instructor.

Dear Readers, There are certain ingredients that a person needs to become successful: 1. Drive/Passion/Perseverance/Will Power: and a similar of character traits that are found within a person. 2. Intelligence/Decisions/Common Sense/Logic: and a bunch of intellectual traits found in the athlete that will help him maximize the resources around him to  the best extent possible. […]

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IBJJF European Championship 2010

Ok so before I begin I will tell you that it was not my best tournament. My first match started with me being a bit nervous. I had to catch myself from over-gripping in unnecessary situations…which was a sign of improvement in my BJJ because I have never caught myself paying attention to this in […]

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Italy Trip in 2010

Let me give you the inside scoop on how it all happened. I have been in  GOAL ACHIEVING mode. I have been writting about it all over the place. I even started a website dedicated to achieving goals; ,but not only that  I wanted to demosntrate to my students that writting goals down and goin over […]

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Improve Your BJJ While Cooking

So Hopefully you read: Improve Your BJJ While Driving Well while at the gyms laughing about it, and discussing how important is to with a busy day make things automatically and efficient we thought of other places when one person can improve BJJ while doing other daily activities. We add it this one. Improve […]

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Athletes Running

Athletes Don’t Walk …They Run!

Today I had an epiphany.  I had my good friend Mike Atkins from Crazy 88 BJJ and MMA of Baltimore, MD visiting. We where hanging out and doing some errands. I am currently in the habit of running 7 minutes every morning before breakfast ( breakfast becomes the reward). So I started my day with […]

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