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Italy Trip in 2010

Let me give you the inside scoop on how it all happened. I have been in  GOAL ACHIEVING mode. I have been writting about it all over the place. I even started a website dedicated to achieving goals; ,but not only that  I wanted to demosntrate to my students that writting goals down and goin over them daily turns them into reality. Here are my goals: I am still working on even streamlining the planning.

So one day in class I decided to go CRAZY, and I asked my most gogetting student what was something that he wanted to do before he died. Joey Ruggiero, of italian heritage, said he wanted to go to italy. I made things a bit more exciting by telling the class we will do this within three months of his announcement and that this had just become one of my goals in my BUCKET LIST. Anyways here is a funny video of Joey:

Personally I thought it would be cool to grapple inside the coloseum ( a modern gladiator fight…lol). I also

I also thought it would be cool if we did some training down tehre check a school out or a tournament I would like to visit Naples, Italy since we are from Naples, FL . I thought it would be cool. I can be a nerd at times 😉 !  But for the most part I am just going to play tourist and let Joey decide the fine dining.  Here is what he has planned so far lol:


Italy Trip

Italian Flag

In January, Roberto Torralbas put Joey Ruggiero (me) on the spot in front of class and asked him what he wanted to do before he died and I said go to Italy… So instead of waiting forever to get something like this done and then maybe never get it done Roberto pushed me to achieve this in three months. So In March me and Roberto will be going to Italy to be able to check that off my my bucket list.

Now that you know the background of where this story is coming from I want to share with you some of the places we are going to be visiting on this awesome trip…


On the top of the list is the Colosseum a place where gladiators fought and many events were help a super important stop on the trip. Were also going to see if they’ll let us grapple inside the Colosseum. Making sure to represent Team Third Law BJJ in Italy very well. Leading us to the next stop on our trip being.

City of Rome

City of Rome

The city of Rome has a HUGE amount of things that you can do but mainly has some of the nicest spots to eat ever. Then after seeing all that rome has to offer, maybe visit some of the museums to see some of the sculptures, just try to see as much as possible.

These are just some of the things that we plan on doing when we get to Italy doing as much as we can as fast as we can because time is limited. More ideas on plans for Italy and PLEASE!! leave in the COMMENTS some ideas that you may have for us on things to do.

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