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The Grappling Phenomenon: Behavioral Congruency and Achieving Your Goals.

The Grappling Phenomenom by Master Lloyd Irvin - BJJ Engineer Review

This article will summarize a great gift from Master Lloyd Irvin. Before hand let me tell you that I felt really, really, really STUPID for not having listened before to his FREE, yes I said FREE ( which makes me feel even more stupid) audio series called “The Grappling Phenomenon.”

Its a lot of common sense, just like most of jiu-jitsu, once you see the moves explained once. Or like the advice a financial adviser will give you about budgeting. One can easily say …Well I knew that already and dismiss it …or say man that  is so simple,true and common sense that I don’t understand how I haven’t done it all this time.

I just came back from having dinner after training with a couple of my students. One of them mentioned to me how he had high blood pressure and the doctor urged him to exercise more often.  When his food arrive he asked me for salt ( which raises blood pressure).

I quickly thought out loud ” That’s not behavioral congruent” – everyone at the table didn’t really know at that point what I was talking about. I went on to explain what I meant by that from what i had learned from “The Grappling Phenomenon”

What is Behavioral Congruency?

Behavioral Congruency: Core Idea behind the grappling phenomenon which consist of a combination of things. In 6-12 months one accomplish more than in years.

The grappling phenomenon is like a hurricane , or an earthquake, etc… it can’t be forced to happen it only occurs by constant congruent changes in the environment.  The truth is behavioral congruency in any area can lead to a ” Blank Phenomenon” ( feel free to replace the “Blank” with whatever you wish to call it: Real Estate Phenomenon , Sales Phenomenon, etc..) To achieve the grappling phenomenon here is what you must do: Model, Plug Yourself, Get off the Yo-Yo Train, and be Congruent with Your Goals.


Become congruent with the behavior of  people achieving the result you so much desire already achieving the type of achievements that you want to gain and following a training system that is already producing proven results. Find them study them and model their behavior.

At first in your pursuit of excellence you may not understand their system or the concepts involved , so your safest bet is to do exactly as they do. In the words of Rhadi Ferguson: “If we put it English leather cologne you need to put it too because that might be it” . Take it to the extreme. Nevertheless remember Modeling is not Mirroring. Don’t mirror moves , but also  mirror the training  and hard work as well.

Get off the Yo-Yo Train

Research the system and then believe in it for good. Do not become one more of those individuals who do a workout  for 30 days  drop and go to the next.

Plug Yourself into the System

Plugging yourself in proven success models and proven success systems is a must. A top athlete, uses great coaches , who use great systems, and practices regularly and frequently. If you are to cheap to go out find and get great coach or to lazy or busy to practice you can forget about becoming a top athlete. There is much that can be accomplished by modeling alone,  but  there are other levels and in  order to get to them a great coach, and a great system its needed.

Congruent with Goals

Be congruent with the Goals themselves. Your behavior must change if necessary to accomplish your goals or to repeat the success. Goals are always changing and therefore your behavior must change accordingly. The  quote/story below describes this concept very well as well as well as the success one can achieve with Behavioral Congruency.

“I wanted to win All Japan Championship just once. But once the dream came true, I did not want to give up the title. I felt like defending the title again and again. I got upMasahiko Kimura at age 24 from futon, turned on the light, and looked at my body. Neither my height (169cm) nor weight (86kg) is outstanding. There was no guarantee that I could continue to defend the title judging from my body size. I kept on thinking everyday, “I want to become a true winner.” About 10 days after this, I came up with a solid good idea. That is, “San-bai no Do-ryoku (Triple Effort)”. Until then, I practiced about 6 hours a day. I thought practicing twice as much as others would be sufficient since I had heard that others were practicing about 3 hours a day. In reality, however, they had been practicing about 4 hours a day (which I found later). But now I am the champion, others would start to train 6 hours a day to beat me. I could not beat them as long as I trained as hard as others. If my opponents train twice as hard as others, then, I will train 3 times as hard as others, i.e, 9 hours a day. This way, I would gain extra 3 hours a day, and I will do this everyday. The accumulation of these extra hours will become my flesh and blood, that is, my skills and mental power. This will automatically give me real self confidence. If I had this much accumulation, I would be able to fight as usual even if I got sick with fever at 40 degrees centigrade. I practiced “Triple Effort” everyday.”- from My Judo by Masahiko Kimura

The last important definition is:

Concept and Definition of BSer: The opposite of someone who is not behavioral congruent with their goals its a BSer.Most people are bluntly bullshitters. If you claim a goal and your behavior is not congruent with that goal you are a BSer.

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3 Responses to “The Grappling Phenomenon: Behavioral Congruency and Achieving Your Goals.”

  1. I want everyone reading this article to know that I have been a BSer at times and probably everyone who now follows Behavioral Congruency to perfection at one point was too. I believe that the first step to learning or to start practicing behavioral congruency is to admit when we have been BSing ourselves.

    I have had this dream of becoming a World Champion at Black Belt for the longest of times and at one point I believed I could do it based on modeling alone and even though I had been plug into a proven system ( the Lloyd Irvin System) I was not taking enough advantages of the resources available to me. I moved to Naples, FL away from the cold, but also away from my team. This was not behavioral congruent with my BJJ goals but congruent with my family goals. Anyways once in Naples, FL I started a team and a great school modeling the success of Master Lloyd Irvin and Coach/Instructor/ Friend Julius Park. Modeling in the past had gotten me a Pan-American Championship and later on a National Championship, but I am still miles away from my goals.

    In order to get more success I believe the fault was not in the modeling, but how well plugged into the system I had been. Over 1000 miles away you may assume it is hard to absolve all the information training and wisdom your instructors may have to offer. Therefore I have plan to try to make 1-2 trips per month depending on weather we have tournaments or not to Maryland/Baltimore for 1 full year. This will cost anywhere between $7000- $9000 dollars. It’s a lot of money I know, but money goes money comes, but jiu-jitsu stays with you as Danny Ives would say.

  2. greg says:

    thank you for sharing. My daughter is in kindergarten. I spend 1 day a week at schol with her class and work with her every night. She is having difficulty learning her sight words. How does this pertain? We try and try and then, and she continues to have trouble, THEN out of no where she just gets it! Its like that with BJJ. I continue to train about 2 hours per day, 4 – 5 days a week as a blue belt and dream of my purple in about 6 months (hopefully) and beyond. It is hard to imagine what it will be like to just GET IT one day, I still struggle (I am 41) but I work harder than most people in my class and continue to excel (at least I am happy with my progress). Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope to apply these mental and physical techniques to my training. I try to relax at times, think, try new positions, go against the biggest and strongest guys in class and am not afraid to tap. I thank anyone who taps me (I know I just learned a lesson — though thankfully, it rarely happens anymore…not like in the beginning :L ) Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Be well!

  3. Greg I am gald that you are enjoying the articles, but don’t do the following: “dream of my purple in about 6 months (hopefully) ”

    Just keep trying to increase your understanding of the art and forget about the recognition from others because of belt color. It will come when time is due. Besides a belt can mean so many different thing now and days while your true technique only has one meaning!