Basic: Escape from Side Control – Bridge and Shrimp

7 Responses to “Basic: Escape from Side Control – Bridge and Shrimp”

  1. john says:

    Thanks alot roberto 4 the vid. Is there any way that you can control the bottom guy without him escaping side control. Thank you again. Southside from crazy88.

  2. Unfortunately there is not one single hold that there is not an escape for. It just a matter of who is better at holding and escaping. You need to calibrate and switch the type of hold or form of control to keep the opponent frome scaping on most occasions when dealing when a better opponent.

  3. Dave S - ThirdLaw says:

    Great video Roberto. This solves a big problem for me. I have been trying to do this escape with the arm somewhere other than the neck which, while not impossible, has required alot of strength. The arm to the neck will make my techinque so much more effective and less tiring. Thanks.

  4. David Mercado says:

    This is exacly what happen to me when i was grapling with you. Thank you for the move…. THIRD LAW BJJ NAPLES FLORIDA….

  5. LOL- Man I guess I can’t do this any longer

  6. jonathan says:

    man this really open up the box of me on my back thank you that seems to work much better then trying to bench press them off you lol thank you for the video

  7. Lorraine says:

    Roberto, the video was very informational, thanks. I will practice the bridging and shrimping to get from under.