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IBJJF European Championship 2010

2010 European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships

2010 European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Ok so before I begin I will tell you that it was not my best tournament. My first match started with me being a bit nervous. I had to catch myself from over-gripping in unnecessary situations…which was a sign of improvement in my BJJ because I have never caught myself paying attention to this in a tournament. I was very slow in applying the techniques that I am very comfortable in the room with. Nevertheless I manage to win my first fight 6-0 with two very close attempts to choking from the back.

2010 European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships - Roberto Torralbas

Roberto Torralbas - Third Match of the European Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2010

My second fight was a bit tougher… The guy didn’t want to attack from the feet and wasn’t easy to take down, therefore I pulled Open Guard. I went from Margarida Guard -> to De La Riva Guard -> to Deep Halfguard-> To Back take from Halfguard -> Single Leg.

I finish the sweep/take-down to win 2-0. I spent  a lot of the match trying to take his back and him defending with a bit of a wild ending as the opponent tried to get on the board with a minute remaining.

My third match was one that I will never forget vs. Bruno Concalves. That’s because I lost a judge’s decision I thought I definitely won. Even the other competitor thought he lost. Pretty much he pulled and manage to sweep from a Quater Guard. I went to close guard then had a Triangle attempt-> to Omaplata- >to De La Riva- to Margarida Sweep.

So I swept him and the score is 2-2 (0-0). I am attempting to pass he is defending. At the end of the match I manage to get to the other side and get his legs folded. Time ran out and I could had sworn that if there was any doubt of me being able to fold his legs would had closed the deal. Nevertheless the referee surprised me…An important lesson from this match is not to leave the decision in the referees hand. This was to go  to the semifinals and if I had gotten the decision I would had at the very least gotten a bronze medal at the Europeans.

I will post the match here to hear your opinions on this referee decision.

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