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The Bucket List Continued- Goals 51 thru 75 – PART 4

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Anyways after doing this exercise I have realized that there arent many things out there that I have to do before dying. It has become harder and harder to come with significant activities or goals. So decided to repeat on some of them.

51. Become Brasilero Champion at Black Belt

52. Travel to Brasil 3 times in 2010

53. Repeat as Black Belt World Champ

54. Go Scuba Diving

55. Visit The Grand Canyon

56. Visit The Amazon Rainforest

57. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
58. Visit The Colisseum in Rome
59. Visit Petra, Jordan
60. Visit Christ Redeemer, Brazil
61. Visit The Great Wall of China
62. Visit Chichen Itza, Mexico
63.  Visit The Taj Mahal, India

64. Visit The Leaning tower of Piza

65.Learn How To Surf

66, Create Team Third Law Space

67. Create UndergorundJiu-Jitsu Lab

68. Film my Own Instructional Series and Distributed

69 Create A website about achieving Goals Where I will documentall these goals.

70. Create The Small Business Super HEro Website

71. Own a Rolex ( will get more specific later)

72. NExt promotion at my school celebrate with Crown Royal or Crystal I forget

73. Have my own office for information Marketing Like Lloyd Irvin

74. Take My Wife to see all the places in her Bucket List

75. Live on an Island for 2 weeks survivor man style

Twenty five more to go after this I will organize it by section and prioritize.

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