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The Bucket List Continued – PART 5

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Allright guys here we are on our home stretch 25 more goals to go then we will re-organize them and prioritize them and try to achieve them all within 3 years!

76. Own a Vacation House in Cuba by the Beach.

77. Visit Australia

78.  Explore Cuba the entire island

79.  Visit my roomate from College Jason and fly him out to see me on a continuous basis

80.  Visit my friend Max Arevalo on a continuous basis

81.  Visit Elvis and Wilbert my best friends from highschool on a more continuous basis.

82. Visit my family ( Hortensia, Margarita , Rita Ricky, Nicholas, Silvia y Pepe on a continous basis)

83.  Have  an Intyense BJJ Library room at my gym

84. Develop Crazy Grip STrength

85. Make 12 Visits to Lloyd in 2010

86.  Get Married in 2010

87.  Donate 10 $1000 Dollars Scholarships a year for students with a grade point average above 3.8

88. Establish the craziest Charity Project Ever At Third Law

89. Take out Lloyd to a Super Bowl

90. Take Out Julius to the most expensive restaurant in the world

91. Take Out MArcos Avellan to _______whatever Marcos Avellan likes

92. Buy my Mother a brand new Car

93. Have My  Fiances’s parent living in the same town as they can see their grandchildren often

94. Have Lloyd come to my school to teach a seminar

95. Have the school be able to operate without me for 2 weeks by May 2010

96. Video record each item on the list and post it on You Tube

97. Buy my friend Jose a significant gift

98. Be in the same inner circle that Lloyd is with Dan Kennedy

99. Be in the same inner circle that Lloyd is with the systems guy

100. Do the stability ball instructional DVD series

101. Own a house in Cuba

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