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My Bucket List and A Challenge to Everyone – Part 2

I hope that you read: Bucket List – A Super Important List of Goals…- PART 1 (

In that article I spoke about the importance of writing your goals daily and to really take a while to think of the things that  are important to you, things you want to do before you hit the bucket. I asked you to put your comments below and share your own. I see one person has already done so. His name is Joey Ruggiero and he is one of my students. He wants to go to Italy that is one of his life yearnings. I said: Joey I will push you to have you and your girlfriend visit Italy and we will get this done before  3 months from now.

Here is my bucket list:

1-) Go to Cuba and visist 99% of my family that still lives in the island and I havent seen in 15 years since I left.

2-) Pay for my mother to also see her parents in Cuba.

3-) Buy a house for my family and my mother so that they are always comfortable and financially independent

4-) Travel 3 times to Brazil in 2010 and do the Brasileros.

5-) Visit the Galapagos Island

6-) Travel and visit Thailand to train muay-thai

7-) Fight in an MMA Event

😎  Become a Purple Belt World Champion and Panamerican World Champion in 2010

9-) Become a Black belt world Champion

10-) Become and ADCC Champion

11-) Make $10 Million Dollars in one year.

12-) Have Kids and a Happy Family

13-) See my kids grow up to be healthy, goal oriented, strong minded adults

14-)  Do Splits

15-) Travel to Italy With Joey and Katy and Joey’s GF 🙂

16-) Follow the Legacy of my instructors and develop the best athletes in the world ( MMA, and BJJ). To be more exact at the very least 1 Black Belt World Champ , 1 ADCC Champ, and 1 UFC Champ.

17-) Visit  a list of beautiful places in the caribean and ecuator

18-) Run Three Successful Businesses at Once to demonstrate I understand the process regardless of industry.

19-)  Start an afters school program in my Jiu-Jitsu school where we can even push kids higher

20-) Try to achieve a correlation where the kids taht attend my program end up at top universities.

21-)  Have a school with over 1000 students

22-) Have over 20 black belts

23-) Become a philanthropist once I am 60

24-)  Have a Third Law house for athletes of the schools.

25-) Own the building for Third Law  8-12000 sgft foot facility

Alright guys every day I will release 25 items to this list. I  really want to make sure that I put lots of tought into it.

Let me see your bucket list by posting it in the comments section below.

5 Responses to “My Bucket List and A Challenge to Everyone – Part 2”

  1. Joey Ruggiero says:

    Bucket list

    1) Black Belt in BJJ
    2) Win World Championships
    3) Own my own business
    4) Go to Italy
    5) Go to Brazil to train
    6) Go Skydiving
    7) Have 1 million dollars in bank account
    8) Graduate college
    9) Have a career involing BJJ
    10) Teach BJJ
    11) Go to Sweeden
    12) Go to Alaska
    13) Go to Fuji
    14) Get Married
    15) Have Children
    16) Own a Ferrari
    17) Own my own House
    18) Have Financial Freedomm
    19) Go to Maryland to Train
    20) Compete Internationally
    21) Learn Spanish
    22) Learn Italian
    23) Go bungee jumping
    24) Drive cross-country
    25) learn Muay Thai
    26) Tap Roberto 100% legitimate no excuses
    27) Have a Gi in every color
    28) Go to every competion in Florida in one year
    29) Get all A’s a semester in college
    30) Learn Porteguese
    31) Go Base Jumping
    32) Go to Hawaii
    33) Have More than one home
    34) Double my income every year
    35) Go to China
    36) Go to Japan
    37) Win Pan-Ams
    38) Do 10 Muscle- Ups
    39) Be able to do the Splits
    40) Jump a Car
    41) See the Great Wall of China
    42) go to the Grand Canyon
    43) Climb Mount Everest
    44) Go to Austraillia
    45) Snowboard the Alps
    46) Train with Saulo Riberio and Xande Riberio
    47) Train with Mike Fowler and JT Torres
    48) Do an MMA fight
    49) Be known in the Jiu Jitsu community
    49) Train with Mendes Brothers
    50) Train with Braulio Estima
    51) Train with Andre Galvao
    52) Win International Tournament
    53) Have my own Jiu Jitsu Clothing Company
    54) Be featured in a Jiu Jitsu Magazine
    55) Live in a country besides the U.S. longer than 1 year
    56) Swim with the dolphins
    57) Go on a long cruise
    58) Own a Yacht
    59) Be someones mentor
    60) Jump off a waterfall in Hawaii
    61) Go to Portugal
    62) Go up in a Hot- Air ballon
    63) Attend a huge concert
    64) Give money to charity a sizeable amount
    65) Run a marathon
    66) Enter an eating contest
    67) Win an eating contest
    68) Be in a movie
    69) Own a penthouse apartment
    70) Go to Las vegas
    71) Backpack through europe
    72) Live in the Wild for 1 year
    73) Go to OUTER SPACE
    74) Go to the MOON
    75) Float in Space
    76) Own a very nice Business Suit
    77) Win something thats worth alot
    78) Buy a BMW
    79) Ride a Hayabussa Motorcyle
    80) Race a Car on a Track
    81) Be apart of a high-speed police chase
    82) Ice Skate on a Frozen lake
    83) Swim with Manatees
    84) Fall asleep outside looking at the stars
    85) Grow a Garden
    86) Drive the Autoban
    87) See a space shuttle take off
    88) See a lunar eclipse
    89) See a Meteor hit earth
    90) Go to the top of Empire State Building
    91) Meet Micheal Jordan
    92) Meet Micheal Phelps
    93) Meet Lloyd Irvin
    94) Learn to play Guitar
    95) Be Extremely Flexible
    96) Live on the beach
    97) Attend Olympics
    98) Go to the Superbowl
    99) Go to Stanley Cup
    100) Go to professional World Cup of Jiu Jitsu

    There they are, all 100

  2. Joey I think you need to revisit that bucket list….Go TO THE MOON, OWN A GI IN EVERY COLOR , LOL…

    That is hilarious…


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