Circuit of The Week : Snap Downs, Burpees, and Side to Side Jumps World of Fun!

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I find myself writing this at 2:47 on Monday 1 of September, and I already feel by legs getting soared , my lower back and shoulders tensing up, while my arms feel very light only after 5 hours of this circuit for which we don’t have a name yet (please feel free to suggest one creative name)

The circuit consisted of:

  1. 100 Snap Downs,
  2. 2 min 110% Grappling,
  3. 100 Burpees,
  4. 2 min 110% Grappling,
  5. 100 Side to Side Jumps,
  6. And a Final 2 min 110% Grappling.
  • Roberto Torralbas: 20:27 min
  • Andre “Whiteshaq” Arata : 25:45 min
  • Camilo “The Prodigal Son” Castro: 21:00
  • John “8 Mile” : 19:00 min

Here are the Videos:

Intro Part 1:

Intro Part 2:

Roberto Part 1:

Roberto Part 2:

Roberto Part 3:

Andre Part 1:

Andre Part 2:

Andre Part 3:

Camilo Part 1:

Camilo Part 2:

JohnPart 1:

John Part 2:


3 Responses to “Circuit of The Week : Snap Downs, Burpees, and Side to Side Jumps World of Fun!”

  1. I have to say that after watching these I realize we kind of died out on the grappling part. For the next one I will make sure to that the rested grappler goes all out.

  2. Talking to Julius Park and he was not happy about our form. He mainly was concerned that we didnt have full extention of the torso on the upward motion, and that we kept the head down on the burpees.

    Which means this weekend we have a circuit with lots of burpees.

  3. Jon says:

    That circuit was pretty painful, my legs were dead following the snap downs. Can’t wait until next week.