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Athletes Don’t Walk …They Run!

Athletes Running
Today I had an epiphany.  I had my good friend Mike Atkins from Crazy 88 BJJ and MMA of Baltimore, MD visiting. We where hanging out and doing some errands. I am currently in the habit of running 7 minutes every morning before breakfast ( breakfast becomes the reward). So I started my day with Mike Atkins:

Running 7 minutes ( to accelerate the metabolism)

-Then I ran to throw the trash right after , and did some high knees because i was feeling energetic.

– We went for a ride and had to stop at CVS and I ran in and out to grab a memory card.

-Then we stopped at my condo and I ran up and down the stairs a couple of time to get ourselves going back on the road…

The Mike Atkins said…: “Roberto I can keep up with you , you run everywhere”

I wasn’t running because I wanted an extra workout, but I have so many challenges with my coaches to complete that I have to squeeze everything in a day. I also have to stay in chape for competition. Nevertheless when Mike said that I realize that running small distances is very doable. Back in the day we used to walk now everyone rides a car. Therefore walking and running which are essential exercises for everyone is harder to do.

I am all bout simplifying things, setting systems, and rules to make my life more efficient, to make my jiu-jitsu better. Here is a a new rule I think we should all adopt:

Running Rule: Athletes run every time they can instead of walking. They don’t go up the stairs they sprint. Use every opportunity  you have to get a good sprint. Obviously use common sense, but don’t let the fact that others will look at you weird like if you where crazy keep you form doing it. Being normal and average is not a good thing. You wnat to be crazy and exceptional as an athlete.

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