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Improve Your BJJ While Driving

All my life I have been addicted to BJJ, and anything that involves self improvement. I started reading books like “The Automatic Millionaire” or “The Millionaire Mind” or “The Millionaire Next Door” or “The Effective Executive” or well you get my point. Then when I realized that they make most of these books on audio tapes I started listening to them every time I could.

Not too long ago I started to take trips to Miami to train with friend Marcos Avellan of team FFA. He let me borrowed some audio books and CDs and then I discovered my car had 6 CD Disc Changer lol. I put 6 cds of the 8 of the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” and everything was great, every time I sat on the car I would listen to pieces but made sure I  really absorb it. Nevertheless because there where 8 CDs and I had 6 CD disk changer when it was time to change the CDs to put the last two it will really stop and affect  the learning flow of the material. It will take me a day or two to do such a simple action.
Master Lloyd Irvin has over and over told me about the importance of making things automatic, and this is a perfect example. It may sound silly but I am turning my driving time into BJJ and Self-Improvement time and I suggest you do the same. Did you know that:

“The average person spends about 2.5 or 3 hours per day driving”

or that in a lifetime:

“The average person spends ten years driving”

If you don’t believe me Google it. It sounded about right for me. Send me a comment and let me know in a week how much time you spend driving per day?

How would you like to turn that into incredible productivity.

I have already contacted an Audio Shop to put a crazy LCD to watch JT Torres all day long doing back takes as well as other BJJ starts to pick up a thing or two. Every little effort adds up my friends. I asked the shop to find me the biggest DVD/CD changer they make and make sure i have a way to plug hard drives and USB Flash Drives. I’ll show you the pictures once is done.

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