Circuit of The Week: G.I. Jane

BJJ and Third Law BJJ- Circuit of the Week: G.i. Jane

This weekend Circuit of the Week consists of 100 burpees combined with 100 pull ups in one single exercise. The rules are a bit different from the Crossfit Rules for this WOD due to the fact that our pull up bar is not 8 feet in the air.

Three simple rules:

  1. Chest must hit floor in each burpee
  2. Chin must go over the bar on each pullup
  3. Each pull up must be started from extended elbow ( unless you absolutely can’t finish the exercise this way)


Roberto Part 1

Roberto Part 2

One Response to “Circuit of The Week: G.I. Jane”

  1. I will say that this was a terrible performance. In the past we have done 150 under 18 minutes. This time I did 100 in 12:10 minutes. I believe the pushup with the burpees added time to it. Also the usual group decided to take a break and I had to do this alone ;( ! We will redo this circuit in the future!