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Great Solo Drills @ Home for BJJ and MMA

I have a lot of students who wonder what exercises they can do at home to improve their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Florida. The list is extensive. I have filmed many of them and you can find them all over Youtube. I wanted to show 3 today. The first two will allow you to develop great open guard mobility. The third one is for strength, balance, coordination, and agility.

BJJ Spider Walk

The BJJ Spider Walk can be done on any wall of your house — it doesn’t need to be large. You just need to be able to go back and forth. Concentrate on not moving too far away from the wall.

Around The World Drill

The “Around the World Drill” is a great drill for developing an Upside Down Guard or a very fluid De La Riva Guard for BJJ. It will drastically improve your mobility and flexibility. I recommend you do sets of twenty to each side and do about 100 to each side total.

The Handstand for BJJ and MMA

This strength, balance, and agility exercise is great for guard passing. Sometimes your opponent has very long legs and one must launch the legs really far back in order to achieve the pass. This is a good place to start.

Give these all a shot. I promise I will be coming up with new ones in a secret surprise project I have coming up.
Roberto Torralbas

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  1. Loved those drills Roberto, can’t wait to try’em