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A FREE YOUTUBE BJJ INSTRUCTIONAL : Nothing but the Best – Version 1.0

TL Naples BJJ Presents a FREE BJJ YOUTUBE INSTRUCTIONAL brought you by BJJEngineer

It is needless to say that this is a work in progress. I spend so much time researching BJJ Everywhere that I was really amazed how many free resources are there. Now the trick is not everything that shines is gold and not everything that is free is always good or constructive. A new person to BJJ might be easily misguided and start doing low percentage moves that he watched someone due on YouTube. To be the best you have to learn from the best and keep an open but very critical mind about every other source that you come about.

Let’s think of a sport we are completely clueless about (at least most of us). Ping pong! Say we wanted to be best Ping Pong player in the world. How would you go about it?

Some would start at your closest ping pong school. Some would type ping pong on YouTube, some will go to the bookstore and buy the thickest best looking book about pin pong. That’s what I did when I started BJJ. Don’t make my mistakes.

Here is what I would recommend. If picking a book or a DVD look for reviews (Amazon does a good job) and I believe Budovideos started adding reviews too. If you cant find reviews research the practitioner:

  • Ranking, Competition Accomplishment
  • Coaching Accomplishment
  • Game Style
  • Professors and Lineage
  • Does the practitioner do that technique on his competition matches? , etc…

Based on these criteria you might be able to take the technique for what is worth. Fro example:

Some BJJ Black belts have great guards, not so good take downs, so I will lower their advice in the priority list when it comes to double leg take downs. I will definitely listen to Dan Gable very carefully about double legs, but not about spider guard lol…I hope this makes sense. Some are great competitors, but not really good teachers, some are 6 feet 7 inches meanwhile you are 6 foot 3, etc…Beware DVDs and Books are done to make money and because of this some time they will have crappy techniques as fillers that catch the eye.

Finally do some research in the filed and learn a bit about its history. It will help greatly. In this first version I will only add big names to the instructional series and try to have some organization to it. In later versions I will fine tune the filter mechanism. Enjoy!

Basic Self Defense

Stand up

Stance , Posture, Walking, etc…

Grip Fighting







Close Guard

Open Guard

Defending The Open Guard

Spider Guard

Side Mount

Guard Passes

Attacking and Taking the Back

Other Submissions



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