Passing an Intimidating Half-Guard : The Basics

Roberto Torralbas attempting to sweep Mario Rinaldi at Copa America Lakeland, Florida

Before we try to sprint through the Half -Guard lets begin by crawling. In this first post which will be followed by more advanced situations, concepts and techniques. I will be covering very basic, fundamental, and much needed techniques to begin to have some success from this position. My goal is to give us a good starting point to what is to follow. If you have any questions please feel free to ask (leave comment) and I will be happy to add more videos covering the techniques I much greater detail.

Half-Guard Pass #1 : From Half-Guard to Mount

Half-Guard Pass #2 : Baseball Slide Pass

Half-Guard Pass #3: Leg Squeeze Part 1

Half-Guard Pass #3: Leg Squeeze Part 2

Half-Guard Attack #1 : Half-Guard Armlock

Half-Guard Pass #4 : Armpit to Armpit Pass

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