New Challenge: Wilson Reis’s Pegboard Domination

A while back I came across this video online:

at first I was like wow, we have to do this. Since we are quickly reaching 15 muscle ups ( The Muscle Up Challenge, I decided to also make this a challenge. 2 rounds of up and down the pegboard ( 1 round= once up once down stopping at every hole at least once both going up and going down like Wilson)!

To keep some consistency with Wilson’s demonstration of how to kill a pegboard. We must used the same one he used a in the video (a 38-Hole 12″ ).

Third Law BJJ and BJJ Engineer, Naples, Bonita Springs, FL - Peg Board

Now for those of you who may not know who Wilson Reis let me bring you upto date. Wilson Reis is one of Team Lloyd Irvin Black Belts training and teaching classes at Jared Weiner’s School BJJ United ( a Team Lloyd Irvin Affiliate) in Philadelphia. If you are in the area you have to train here, otherwise you are crazy. Jared is another high talented Lloyd Irvin Black Belt who loves high quality jiu-jitsu!

Wilson Reis has an incredible resume having won the World Championship in 2004 as a Brown , Undefeated 5-0 Elite XC 2008 Bantam Weight Champion, and can go toe to toe with the Worlds Best.

Here are some clips of him in action:

Wilson Reis vs Justin Robbins EliteXC

Wilson Reis After Becoming Elite XC 2008 Bantam Weight Champion

Wilson Reis vs Rafael Formiga – Good Match!

Wilson Reis at 2007 Brasileiro

Wilson Reis if you read this I just want you to know the board has been ordered and it is on its way!

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