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Mike Fowler on Taking Notes

This is just a clip of a great package Master Lloyd Irvin has produced. Many thanks to Master Lloyd Irvin to letting me use it. For the full seminar ( excellent seminar) please visit :

This is just a small clip of one of my favorite seminars because Fowler goes over of all the moves that worked for him when he got seconds at Panams his first year as black belt.

6 Responses to “Mike Fowler on Taking Notes”

  1. Mike Fowler is a great Jiu-Jitsu role model who achieved his black belt in less than 4 years.

  2. yangbin says:

    Hi Roberto !

    Would ya say that taking notes are better than filming?

    I was thinking about taking notes of new moves that my instructor is showing us, but in the same film him might be better!

    So, what do ya thinK?

    thanks again for your great website!!

  3. Hi yangbin.

    Taking Notes is essential! Filming can be useful, but maybe disrespect to your instructor as eventually his stuff may start appearing in YouTube uncontrolled. Not because of you…but because if he lets you film no everyone can. At my school we teach some things I don’t necessarily want some people to see.

    I also know of many students who film and never look over the hours of film. Notes can be easily accessible at a glance. Its all about being able to retain as much as possible and taking notes will definitely help.

  4. Stuart Hamby says:

    Taking notes is huge and I didn’t really learn that until I went and trained with you and Team Lloyd Irvin. I was there the whole week with you while the Mendes bros where there. I was one of the contest winners who got to go for the whole week. I never took notes before and it has really helped me now. Thanks.


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