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About Roberto

My name is Roberto Torralbas and I’m the Head Instructor of Third Law BJJ and the BJJEnginner. You can read a little more about my Jiu-Jitsu journey on the About BJJEngineer page ( About the BJJEngineer )- but let me take a moment to give you a bit of glimpse at who I am.
I’m a 23-year-old Cuban living in Naples, FL. I’m a full time BJJ practitioner/competitor, school owner (Third Law BJJ Academy in Naples, FL), and instructor/head coach.
I’ve been doing BJJ since 2003 at a number of locations. I started out training 3 times a week as a hobby because it was fun. Now I train 15+ hours a week and research Jiu-Jitsu 15+ hours a week. That crazy training and research is what gave me the idea to keep a record of what I was learning and lead to the creation of this website.
Here are some of my accomplishments as a competitor:

Accomplishments in BJJ

Here are some of my accomplishments as a competitor:


  • 2010 IBJJF Rio International Open Bronze Medalist – Middel Weight (purple belt)
  • 2010 Florida BJJ Classic  Champion Gi -Middle Weight (purple belt)
  • Florida BJJ Classic  Champion  No-Gi -Middle Weight (Absolute)   –defeated Black Belt
  • 2010 IBJJF Houston International Open Middle Weight Champion (purple belt)
  • 2009 IBJJF No-Gi Panam Silver Medalist Middle (purple belt)
  • IBJJF No-Gi Panam Silver Medalist (purple belt)
  • 2009 IBJJF US National Champion Middle (purple belt) -defeated Purple Belt No-Gi World Champion

  • 2009 NAGA Virginia Champion (advanced)
  • 2009 NAGA Virginia Champion (purple belt)
  • 2009 Copa Nova Absolute Division Champion (absolute)-defeated Purple Belt Gi World Champion
  • 2009 Copa Nova Absolute Division Champion (advanced)
  • 2008 IBJJF US National Champion Meddle Heavy (purple belt)
  • 2008 IBJJF US National Bronze Medalist Absolute (purple belt)
  • 2008 Florida State Champion (purple belt)
  • 2008 Copa America Champion (purple belt)
  • 2008 Copa America Champion (purple belt)
  • 2007 Naga Miami Champion (purple belt)
  • 2007 Copa America Champion (purple belt)
  • 2007 Diamond State Games Champion (advanced)
  • 2007 Diamond State Games (purple belt)
  • 2007 ADCC North American Trials Veteran
  • 2006 Naga Chicago Champion (purple belt)
  • 2006 Naga Chicago Champion (advanced)-defeated Black Belt


  • 2006 Pan American Champion (blue belt)
  • 2005 Grapplers Quest North American Championships Champion (advanced)
  • 2005 NAGA Battle at the Beach VI Champion (blue belt)
  • 2005-NAGA Battle at the Beach VI Champion (intermediate)
  • 2005-NAGA Battle at the Beach VI Champion (intermediate)


  • 2004-North East Grappling Challenge III Champion (intermediate)

You might think working so much on BJJ would fill my life up – not true. I have a number of other ‘hats’ in life that I work on including:

  • Internet Engineer- I love technology and the internet and like to learn about any new development and start playing with it. From time to time I do side jobs: as small as a simple website or as large as an entire SEO project with blogs, website, advertising, etc…
  • Kayaking – I also like to be out in the wild alone. In Naples, FL I love to kayak and get away from everything. Take a look at the video below.

  • Salsa – Like any good Cuban I love to dance salsa. Believe it or not salsa and BJJ are very similar, yes and my coaches made fun of me many times when I told them that. But IT IS TRUE I SWEAR ;)!

  • Yoga – I started doing Yoga because one of my coaches said I needed to make improvements in my game. I used to be the guy that laughed at it, now I consider it essential and will do about 3 hours a week.

Ohhh and I also LOVE to eat good food . Like grilled pork Cuban Style! Thank God I have chefs on my team!
I hope that’s given a glimpse of who Roberto Torralbas is. If you’re a Jiu-Jitsu junkie and want to improve your game then I’d love to keep in touch. You can subscribe to this blog via one of numerous subscription methods and I’d love to hear from you about your experiences of blogging in the comments sections on my posts.

2 Responses to “About Roberto”

  1. Georgette says:

    Roberto– I teach salsa on the side here in Austin and you’re SO RIGHT! Salsa and BJJ are two halves of the same coin… in BJJ there’s two leaders, in salsa only one, but otherwise the movements, the timing, the mechanics… wow! I’m so happy someone else gets that 🙂

  2. Georgette I am glad someone else gets that too. Everyone thinks I am a crazy Cuban when I tell them my stories about Salsa and BJJ workout at 2 AM in the morning in college.

    Salsa definitely helped me win Panams lol.