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3 Techniques From Danny Ives and Ivey League MMA

BJJ Engineer: Three Techniques by Danny IvesThere is always something I say when people ask me to whom I owe my triumphs in BJJ too. Three names alwasy come up. Danny Ives, Julius Park, and Lloyd Irvin. Danny Ives took me in as a white belt and used to train with me day and night , free privates, and help me so much to develop a decent game. I always listen when I hear Danny Ives teach. If you live in Annapolis MD make sure to check, visit, and train at: Ivey League MMA ( That’s the palce to be. In the meantime check out this 3 Techniques from a Master Technician.

Butterfly Guard Sweep

Body Lock Takedown

Armbar Escape



 As a matter of fact recently I had the opportunity to compete side by side Danny Ives at Naga Virginia 2009.  We ended up closing the division. Just watching him I realized that my knee cut was all wrong. Danny is super technical!


BJJ Engineer and Third Law BJJ Naples, FL : Danny Ives, Roberto Torralbas, Jon Delbrugge close out the Naga Virginia 2009 Advanced Division

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